We’re Stirring up our 16th season!

Our latest production in late 2015: In concert with Identity Theater Company our fall 2015 production was a TOTALLY re-envisioned Richard III. Any notion you ever had, any stereotype, any thoughts you EVER entertained about this play literally got turned on its head! We had a write up in American Theater Magazine! The documentary ‘Two and Twenty Troubles’ made in 2014 about our company is now at the Lisbon International Film Festival and The Socially Relevant Film festival in NYC!

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Starring Jessica Levesque, Fenton Li, Nicholas Linnehan, Alexander Nero, Guy Ventoliere*, Rachel Handler, Perri Yaniv*, Joe Genera, Ian Gregory Hill, Espen Sigurdsen, Randi Sobol, Estelle Olivia, Katie Holden, Diana Benigno and Stephanie Gould*.

at The Secret Theater (4402 23rd Street, Long Island City, NY 11101).

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We are New York City’s original all-inclusive theater group; offering a home for everyone regardless of color, ability, ethnicity, age, or gender. We’ve been this way since Day One and are committed to this mission as a leader in NYC. We support every artist— whether they be sight-impaired, hard of hearing, rainbow-hued, differently-enabled, or otherwise empowered. Many other theaters have been inspired by our philosophy and have joined with us in our support of diversity.

Founded in 2001, Nicu’s Spoon Theater Company is dedicated to producing Socially Reflective Theater which consistently presents new ideas, challenges stereotypes, and touches the heart in unexpected ways.

At Nicu’s Spoon Theater Company, we celebrate collaboration in developing productions that are pertinent for today’s global, diverse, and rapidly changing world. New York City is full of people of different ethnicities and abilities; always on the move and oftentimes unheard. We give voice to those who are very much a part of our world, but whose stories often go untold.

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Red-Noses-4-sm(L/R) Actors Michael abourizk, James harter, Maurice (Puppet), Guy Ventoliere, Milton Elliott, and Michael Gnat rehearse for our Spring 2015 production of Red Noses by Peter Barnes.

IMG_0488-1(L/R) Alexander Nero, Nicholas Linnehan and Perri Yaniv

220Join us in celebrating our journey with Victor Ilyukhin’s “Two and Twenty Troubles”an uplifting documentary about Nicu’s Spoon Theater Co. featuring some amazing folks and with a warm-hearted story about our actors and their struggles in life… and on stage.

Two and Twenty Troubles…